There will always be at least two of these cast members at every event. We want to make sure there is always someone running our music machine and available to take your requests and help out where ever they can. This is all designed to get the maximum coverage of the music for you and your guests.

Meet the DJ cast of Dave Hill and Company

DAVID HILL - Is the principal DJ. He has been entertaining audiences with his music selections as a disc jockey for over 17 years. He programs most of the music in their music database of over 85,000 songs. He can take requests and add it to the mix quickly and keeps the music playing.
TYLER HILL - Is one of the djs that may be at your event. He has been performing with David for over 6 years. You will find him very comfortable behind the music machine getting out the tunes that you and your guest request. He can also dance most of the more common line dances. .
HEATHER AMES - Is one of the djs that may be at your event. Heather recently join Dave Hill and Company and has already demonstrated she is proficient in her djing skills. She will be glad to play any requests that your guest may want to hear.
JAN HILL - Jan may also be at your event. She has been working with Dave Hill and Company for over 34 years on the magical side of the entertainment and she has been working on the music side for over 6 years.
GUEST DJ - If, for any reason, two of the above should not be available, guest assistants will be present to help out with your event.